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Posted by soapyone on July 6th, 2020 at 12:00:00 am
Soap Spangled Games is a new, family owned and operated Limited Liability Company. We produce a range of video games designed to run on a variety of platforms. We target Linux, Android, Oculus Quest, and Microsoft Windows.

We decided to organize as an LLC after producing our first game aimed at preschool children, "Fishing For Phonics," for Android (it's free on Google Play). It was originally written for our (then) preschool-age son to help him with learning the Alphabet. Since he enjoyed it, we thought other children might enjoy it, too.

We were pleased to find it referenced in an article of top underrated educational games on You can find the list here, and Fishing For Phonics is referenced here.

There is another positive review on the Free Apps For Me website, and another one at Apps Like These.